About Amber

'Amber stirs the soul, delights the eye, warms the heart and heals the body'

         Since earliest time, man has been fascinated by the ‘golden pebbles’ found on the beaches of the Baltic Sea.  It has been fashioned into beautiful amber jewellery for millennia.  Both Amber Beads and Amber Pendants have been found in many ancient sites. The stone burnt when thrown in the fire and exuded a resinous aromatic smoke.  When rubbed it attracted bits of lint.  Ancient Greeks gave it the name electra, after their Sun God whilst the Romans called it sucinum, after the ‘juice’ of a tree.  Amber has been used around the world for trade, decoration and adornment, for medicinal reasons and also for scientific reasons.  It has captured the imagination of peoples since the Stone Age and can be referred to as a window to the past.  It comes in many different colours and forms.

          Amber is a source of fascination for many disciplines.  It was used as a trading commodity since Roman times and so the routes of this trade are studied by archeologists.   Amber can sometimes contain evidence of prehistoric life as insects and pollen from the ancient forests became trapped in the resin.  This is fascinating to geologists and paleontologists and also provided the inspiration for the movie Jurassic Park.  Chemists study the physical and organic properties of amber.  It has uses in the pharmaceutical and medicinal industries.  Gemologists and artists make beautiful works of art from amber, the most famous and elaborate was “The Amber Room”.  So the study and use of amber is truly widespread. 

          The Baltic region of Europe is the source of 90% of the world’s amber.  It also produces the oldest amber and it has a higher level of succinite than Amber from other regions.   All our Amber Jewellery is made using genuine Baltic Amber.  We personally travel twice a year to hand pick the best available pieces.  We choose only verified Baltic Amber.  We have built an enviable reputation being the longest established and leading online provider of amber jewellery to Ireland and Europe.   View Our Selection

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