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Amber SOS - bringing the Baltic to the Atlantic

       Like many people, we first heard about amber 9 years ago when our oldest daughter was teething.  We subsequently shared the wonder of amber with so many parents that the germ of a business idea took hold.  Working from home and an online business suited me well with 2 little ones.  This year, my husband Ben has come on board full time so our business is growing and preparing for new challenges.  So we are truly family inspired and family run. Our daughters now share our love of and fascination for amber and they also make some of the jewellery items we sell.  We look forward to adding more products and new ranges and we enjoy traveling to share our lovely amber at events and fairs. 

       Our mission is to share our knowledge of the wonderful gem that Baltic Amber is.  We were first established as Teething SOS in 2010 and since then we have helped many many thousands of babies with their teething troubles.  We are newly evolved into Amber SOS and now bring you an expanded range of Amber Healing Jewellery for both children and adults.  For us, amber is as precious as diamonds.  Each piece is unique, beautiful, a connection with nature and history and a link to another world. 

       We have built an enviable reputation as Irelands leading amber jewellery supplier and amber knowledge base.  We travel annually to the Baltic where we personally choose the best quality pieces at affordable prices from reputable experienced craftsmen.  Having brought amber to the attention of the baby world, we were honored to be recognized as a Finalist in the SMA Maternity and Infant Awards in 2011 and 2012. 

       Our goal is to help you find the perfect piece of amber to suit your needs in a knowledgeable and efficient and friendly manner.  It is our pleasure to serve you and we aim to provide you with a pleasant and informative online experience.  If you cannot find the answer to a query on our website, we are happy to take your call at any time.  We are committed to providing the best products and advice we can, delivered with the highest levels of customer service and attention to detail.  We are delighted to have so many return customers who share amber with their family and friends. 

      Try our products and experience for yourself the wonder of Amber!

Yours sincerely

Ailish and Ben
Amber SOS, Main St, Foxford, Co Mayo, Ireland
May 2016

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