Amber for Pets - Dogs and Cats

Why use an Amber Collar for your Pet?

Baltic Amber can be effective for your pet in 2 ways:

  1. It can be used for the same reason humans use it – to ease pain or inflammation in your pet, to aid restful sleep and to boost general well-being.  It can be especially helpful for a pet following an operation of accident or for an animal suffering arthritis and age related conditions.  Buy Now
  1. Secondly, amber is useful to your pet because it repels fleas and ticks.  It is a natural flea treatment for dogs and cats. Buy Now

Chemical flea treatments work by introducing the chemical into the blood system of your pet.  The parasite is repelled by ingesting your dog or cats chemical laden blood.  How these chemicals are affecting your pet’s nervous system is unknown.  Many pet owners feel their pets have a reaction to chemical flea treatments.  Amber is a natural alternative remedy that reduces the use of pharmaceutically derived flea products.   BUY NOW

How will Amber help repel Fleas and Ticks in my pet?

Amber is a natural tree resin, formed over 30-50 million ago and now aged into amber as we know it today. One unique feature of Baltic Amber is that it has electrostatic properties. These properties were known and documented by ancient Greeks who referred to Amber as an Electron. This electrostatic feature of an Amber Collar is useful when fighting ticks and fleas. When a collar made of Baltic Amber beads is worn by a pet, it will be naturally rubbed against its fur. This action allows Amber to generate an electrostatic charge.  This makes it almost impossible for flea or tick to stay on your pet’s body. 

A second beneficial feature of this natural resin is that it has a specific smell, which deters ticks and fleas. When Amber beads are rubbed against your pet’s fur and body, they release natural terpenes.  Terpenes are a natural resinous aromatic hydrocarbons.  The tree that created the resin that became amber 40 million years ago would have created it as a protective function and this natural protection against parasites is retained in the amber as we see it today.  BUY NOW.

Will an amber pet collar cure a parasite infestation?

No.  If your pet in infected with fleas or ticks, you are best to treat this infection with a chemical flea treatment application as amber alone will not be effective in removing ticks and fleas.  Once your pet is clear, use your Amber Pet Collar to prevent further reinfections.  It is effective in preventing reinfection in 90% of cases.  BUY NOW

Is Amber effective in repelling Fleas and Ticks?

No flea protection, either chemical or natural, can claim to be 100% effective in keeping your pet pest free.  Tests by our manufacturers from the Baltic Region, they found it effective in 90% of cases.  This means that your pet will have a pest free summer or at the very least have a greatly reduced incidence of infection.  Amber must be worn continually to have this beneficial effect.  It may take a few weeks of wear for the amber to distribute effectively so we recommend you introduce it at the same time as medically treating your pet to keep him pest free.  BUY NOW

How to Choose and Use

It is best to use Raw Amber for your dog or cat.  If amber is polished, the most effective properties of the amber has been removed by this process.  Our Amber Collar are made using untreated amber.  It may seem a little like a rough stone in appearance but it is the most effective best quality amber.  Amber is still light and comfortable to wear. 

Please measure you pet before purchase.  Allow one centimeter extra in length for a comfortable fit for your pet.  You should be able to put your finger inside the collar.  It should not be so loose so as to hang down and get caught in anything.  We have 5 sizes available, suitable from the smallest cat to the very large dog.  Each collar is adjustable to 10cm.  BUY NOW

Each collar should be effective for a full year.  Exposure to air and the rubbing will wear you amber and it will in time become ‘spent’ and ineffective as a Flea Treatment.

Why Choose your Amber Collar from Amber SOS   

As with our Amber Jewellery, we have searched for the best quality, strongest amber available on the market.  We are happy that our amber merchants from the Baltic are making the best quality Amber for Pet Collars.  We build our business reputation on quality and want to bring you the best so you are happy with your purchase and are happy to recommend us to others.   BUY NOW

Review of Amber for Dogs

We are delighted to share this review from a happy customer and her dog.  READ MORE





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