Strandhill People's Market, Bonniconlon Agricultural Show, Dublin Horse Show, Tullamore Show

What have they all got in common? We will be there. Upcoming events for Team Amber SOS

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Amber and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Review

Amber eases Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is an insidious chronic problem for many.  It can affect daily life in so many ways.  The physical difficulties are one thing but the constancy of the discomfort can affect a person's mental wellbeing also.  We can report that we have direct feedback of how amber has successfully eased the pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  

I particularly like the testimonial I copy below.  It appeals as firstly, it was totally unsolicited.  And secondly, it explains the real difference amber has made in easing the everyday suffering associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  We often hear from customers about their initial skepticism and then the undeniable reality of an improvement in pain and mobility issues.  If using a harmless, simple, beautiful and natural remedy allows people to handle uncomfortable health conditions, and help avoid surgery, what's not to like?  

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Teething Jewelry | Amber Baby Necklace

If you landed here because someone told you about amber and how it can help

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Happy Amber SOS Customers

Read what others say and share your amber experience

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Amber SOS | Can Amber Beads Expire?

We answer your questions about amber and how amber works

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Use your amber on the ankle | Alternative ways to use amber

Alternative ways to wear your amber

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NEW - See our Hazelwood Collection available online now

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Measure your Childs wrist or ankle

To help you measure to ensure a good fit, link to this very handy Printable Ruler

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Amber SOS | Does amber work? Reviews from happy amber customers.

We have had lots of feedback from customers this last few weeks

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