2 Good Reasons to useĀ Amber

August 23rd, 2019
2 Good Reasons to Use Amber

Getting ready for back to school isn’t just about backpacks, shoes, school supplies and new clothing. For us, it’s more about getting our bodies ready for back to school! So while you are running around getting the most obvious supplies, don't neglect getting some new amber.  It can help in two ways this September

1.  As an immune booster to help guard against the predictable bugs that circulate in the classroom. 

2.  As an natural remedy to reduce anxiety for those who find the school room a little over whelming.  

A bracelet or anklet that can be worn against the skin can work wonders in keeping everybody calm and well this September.  Simply measure the wrist or ankle to get a good fit.  It can be tucked away under clothing and it will work away quietly.  Or how about a little amber gemstone to keep in the pocket to rub at times of more intense stress or under the pillow to help sleep. 

To help your pocket at this expensive time, we are giving you 10% Off all purchases here at Amber SOS.  Use code Back to School at the checkout.