Measure your Childs wrist or ankle

To help you measure to ensure a good fit, link to this very handy Printable Ruler

Printable Ruler

People often ask us what length would be best for their little one.  We answer that the standard size is 14cm for an anklet and 32cm for a necklace but little people do not come in standard sizes!    So the best thing to do is measure the intended wearer.  With sleepless nights, busy toddlers and a full washing machine, it may not be easy to put your hand on a measuring tape. You can use a piece of ribbon and a ruler but they sometimes get lost in the no-mans-land of the back of the drawer.  So we found this handy printable ruler for your convenience.  Simply print, cut and wrap around to measure!  You need to allow 1cm to 2cm extra to allow for the beads and for a comfortable fit. 

If your measurement is longer than 16cm, please consider a necklace wrapped around the ankle twice.  This has more amber for a bigger body than a tiny anklet.  Or order an Adult Anklet, making a note in the comments section as to what length you need.

Please get in touch to 094-9257115 if you need help in deciding what size is best. 

The simple things in life are often the most ingenious!  This definitely fits the bill (excuse the pun).  But one note to remember.  Before you hit the Printer Icon on the pdf, you must have a look at your printer setup and ensure that the tick box beside "Print to Fit" is not ticked and the Scale is set at 100%. Otherwise, the printer will distort the scale and it will not be accurate. 

Happy Measuring. 

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