Natural Sleep Remedy | Amber can help you sleep better

May 10th, 2018
lady sleeping peacefully

The latest review we received from Susan, telling us how simply wearing an amber bracelet has made such a difference for her, has inspired me to write this article.  We hear from customers on a regular basis about how amber helps sleep.  We hear it so often that we have become a bit casual about it and forget to share!  So I have read through some of our reviews regarding amber and sleep and will copy them below for your information.  But first, I will try to summarize the feedback we get.

Many people first wear amber to help with a pain issue.  An injury or a chronic pain condition.  And sometimes they do not know about the sleep benefit and we do not at first enlighten them.  But when enquiring later what their experience is , we might ask if they have noticed any improvement in their sleep.  9 out of 10 times they will report positively.  It was by accident we discovered this many years ago.  It's like a hidden benefit. 

Our experience tells us that wearers can experience benefit in 2 ways;

1. Experience an improvement in quality of sleep.  They will awake feeling more rested and with more energy throughout the day.  

2. Lack of sleep and chronic sleep conditions have also benefited.  We have positive feedback from customers who say they have suffered from lack of sleep and poor quality sleep for years.  Some customers report being able to reduce other prescribed and over the counter remedies.  

The only key to having amber help is to wear it against the skin all the time.  It is not important what colour amber or if it is a bracelet or necklace.  But wears must give it a chance.  some people can report an immediate benefit but for others it can take longer.  We ask that customers commit for 3 weeks before analysing the difference.  Sometimes if you stop wearing their amber for a few days to observe and difference.  

So if you will consider trying a natural simple remedy, without resorting to sedatives or medications or other over the counter remedies, to improve your sleep, have a look at our selection of amber jewelry.  And let us know how you get on!  

Edited selection of comments from our reviews below.  Please read our testimonial pages for more.  Customers can also leave reviews on the product page and on Facebook.  

"I do sleep much better, feel better in myself"  -  June, April '18

"Woke up feeling good" - Suzanne -  Feb '17

"A stunning insomnia cure from my experience" - Rosie, Dec '16