Amber - A natural remedy for Exam Stress and Anxiety

April 10th, 2018

Amber can have a very positive benefit for people suffering with anxiety.  We have much feedback from customers verifying this.  It can be especially exam students in these current tense times.  When amber is worn against the skin continually, it promotes a feeling of wellness.  Wearers notice a more restful nights sleep and a subtle increase of energy.  Some wearers immediately feel the sense of warmth it brings.  For some others, it takes a little longer.  We suggest a wearer leave it on for at least 3 weeks.  After that, you can remove it and observe the slow return of symptoms you had forgotten about!  The key with amber is to leave it on!

A further benefit of amber is it's ability to counteract the electrostatic charges that abound in this technological age.  Maybe we don't see it or hear it but the increase of the type, polarity and strengths of electric fields individuals are exposed to may affect their likelihood of succumbing to ill-health.  Both health and work productivity can be affected by such factors in our environment.  Amber can protect from the toxic modern environment. 

All our amber is Genuine Baltic Amber.  It comes naturally in a range of colours and styles.  There is not difference in the effectiveness of the different products.  The key is to wear it all the time and the more amber the better.  A necklace can also be worn on the wrist or the ankle.  Click to see out specially curated selection of amber to help your stress and anxiety.