Can Amber Beads Expire? | Amber not effective any more?

March 05th, 2019
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Can Amber Beads Expire?

I have such a list of topics to write about Amber that I was having trouble knowing where to start. Then it occurred to me to start with the email I received yesterday. It read simply:

Hi, I'm just wondering is there an expiry date with Amber beads?

Well, an amber question like this causes me to ask more questions. Very little information to go on. But without further information, I think I know what's bothering my writer: the amber beads seem to have become ineffective in helping to reduce pain as they once were. Experience tells me that this could be for 2 different reasons. So I will outline my solutions to these 2 Amber problems below.

Firstly, it could be that the amber beads have 'expired'. As with any natural thing, it is not as clear cut as this. Amber Healing Beads do not come with a 'use by' or 'expiry' date. But yes, they can become ineffective over time. This is dependent on age and exposure and also on how they are used. When amber beads are in constant contact with the skin, as they should be if they are being used therapeutically, they can 'dry out'. Amber is a soft porous gem. It is affected by exposure, to both the air and to their environment. Constant rubbing against the skin will cause it to pick up natural oils from the wearer. If you are using skin creams, then amber can become ineffective.  You may notice that your amber has changed colour and become cloudy. In this case, you can try to remedy this by giving your amber beads a very good clean.  In brief, simply run under warm water and give each bead a gentle rub with a soft cloth. This may revive it somewhat. But in honesty, if it is 'spent' then it will not come back to life and your best option is to replace it. Have a look at our Amber Selection or Get in Touch if you cannot see the item you would like in our on-line store.

A second possibility is that the problem the amber was helping has changed or that there is some change in the person wearing it. For example, we know that with little people, some can have a lot more difficulty with molars than with first teeth. Maybe more amber would help with this problem for a growing body. A small amber anklet might have been good at 4 months but it has such a small amount of amber that it is not doing the job for a chunky wobbler or toddler.

So my writer should consider either a new amber piece or some more amber to help.

I am happy to discuss your amber experience. If you feel that your amber was helping and is now not doing the same job, please get in touch.