Uses and Benefits of Amber Tumbled Gemstones

October 30th, 2018

Uses and Benefits of Amber Tumbled Gemstones

An increasing number of customers are benefiting from our range of Amber Tumbled Gemstones.  We have many sizes and shapes available, each unique, and they can be used in many ways.  We conducted a quick survey asking how customers were using their amber and the results point to a wide variety of uses and benefits.  Comments we received tell of the enthralling nature of amber, it’s mesmerising beauty and the wonder it inspires.  They are, after all, 40-million-year-old amber gems! We note below the many uses reported to us by happy customers.   

1. To look at and admire the uniqueness and beauty of the gemstone.   

It can be placed on a desk or table where you sit often or kept with a collection of gemstones.  You can feel the weight of time in your hand when hold a Baltic Amber Gem. 

2. An aid for relaxation.

Amber is well known for its calming benefit.  It has been used in this way since Roman times. When you consider the source and age of amber, it is of little wonder that it can bring about a sense of calmness and grounding in today’s busy world.   Appreciate the present while holding the past.  Uses include:

A: Held as a worry stone in times of stress, exam, work- related or personal pressure

B: Held during Mediation or while practicing other relaxation techniques

C. Carried as a pocket stone

D. Placed under a pillow to aid restful sleep

3. Carried close to the skin or worn for its medicinal benefits. 

Our customers have reported a wondrous variety of physical problems and conditions for which they use amber.And sometimes it helps in unexpected ways.Please read our Happy Customers Page and our Benefits of Amber Page for more information.

4. Used as a Chakra stone and in metaphysical practices

Although not strictly a crystal, it still has it’s uses and benefits in this field. 

5. Used to make a unique piece of jewellery.

 Being so unique itself, amber lends itself very well to the creation of a single or mixed jewellery piece.  It has been teamed with wood, with silver and with other gemstones in wonderful individual creations.  

6.  For Paleontological interest. 

An amber gemstone makes a fabulous gift for a budding scientist with an interest in all things natural.  How better to encourage their interest in the earth on which we live than with a piece of history to hold in their hand.  Especially apt for fans of Jurassic Park.    

How will you use yours? 

Click to view our full range of amber gemstones. A further selection is available on our Etsy store.  You can also wear a tumbled gemstone as an amulet.