Amber for Pain Relief

It has been known for thousands of years that amber can have a therapeutic effect on the body. Our experience over the last 10 years bears this out. We know from the feedback of many thousands of customers over the years, that amber can help many conditions. Please look at what our customers have to say on our Testimonials page.

The first benefit that people often report is an improvement in the quality of sleep. They often go on to report an easing of chronic pain and inflammation. Often they report a reduction in the use of medications.

For amber to be effective, the 3 key points to remember are:

Amber must be worn against the skin all the time

Our experience tells us that for your amber to have a beneficial effect in healing and pain relief, it must be worn against the skin as much as possible, 24/7 if possible. Customers report that if their amber is taken off, symptoms can return with a few hours. And when the amber jewellery is put on again, it can again take a number of hours to feel the beneficial effects. So for this reason, your Amber Jewellery is best worn all the time.

The more amber, the better

A tiny anklet is good for the smallest people but a growing body needs more amber. A necklace can make more skin contact than a bracelet. But remember, because amber must be worn all the time, it must be comfortable for the wearer. Keep this in mind when choosing.

Give amber a little time to see results

Some people report that they notice an improvement after just one night or a few days. But for others it can take a little longer. Please leave your amber on for up to a month. Often people report that they were not aware of the benefit amber was having until they left it off.

Please note:  We are not medical people ourselves and can only give you the benefit of our experience in amber. We caution that the information we give is not intended as medical advice and is an opinion for information only. Always seek advice from a qualified health care professional if you have any questions regarding a medical condition. Do not under any circumstance disregard professional advice or delay in seeking professional advice because of content found on this site.

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