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Dog or Cat Amber Collar Small
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Amber Collar for Small Dog or Cat

Ideal to keep fleas and ticks at bay and ease pain related to age and medical problems. 

  • Clip and chain clasp

  • Adjustable from 29-34cm

  • 20g of amber is a substantial amount

  • Naturally shaped amber pieces


Amber Collar for Small Dog or Cat

Amber is an effective tick and flea preventive for your pet.

A natural alternative to pharmaceutical treatments.  Pests do not like the smell of amber or the electrostatic environment created by friction of the amber against the dog hair.   They do not like the resinous smell of the amber, which derives from the friction of the amber with the pets fur.  Amber also creates an electrical resistance and an electrostatic charge through friction with the fur of your pet. This static electricity keeps the pests away from your dog or cat.  

And because amber has pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, it can also help cats and dogs who are suffering from any bone and joint pain or recovering after an accident.  We also know of cases of horse owners using amber to both treat pain and help with nervousness issues.  The amber used to make these products is in it's most natural condition. 

Please read our full information regarding Amber for Pets.

Amber is also known for its calming and pain relieving effects so it could benefit your animals in other ways. 

Pet Collar Size Guide

Please use the chart below as a guide to select a collar size for your pet.  It may be best to take a flexible tape measure and place around your dog’s actual neck.  And you can use their existing collar as a guide also.  If your dog is between sizes, then it’s best to go up one.

Extra Small  5-8" (12cm-19cm) Teacup,
Small  8-11" (20cm-29cm) Chihuahua,
Mini Dachshund,
Narrow  11-13" (29cm-33cm) Jack Russell Mini,
Border Terrier,
Yorkie Mini
Medium Regular  12-15" (30cm-39cm) Pugs, Border Terrier
Beagle, Bichon,
Parsons Jack
Mini Schnauzer,
Cocker Spaniel
Large  16-19" (40cm-49cm) Staffordshire
Bull Terrier,
Cocker Spaniel,
Extra Large  20-23" (50cm-60cm) Labrador,
Great Dane,
German Shepherd,


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