Amber Pendant with Inclusion

Amber Pendant with Insect Inclusion

Fascinating Tear drop Amber Pendant with the Inclusion of a 40 million year old insect!  The clarity of this teardrop pendant is magnificent.

Size: 25mm X 10mm.

Weight: 1.7g

Colour:  light honey .

Chain:  45cm, 50cm or 55cm



Amber Pendant with Inclusion

This is a fascinating Amber Pendant with an Insect Inclusion.  Each piece of amber is unique because each piece is fossilized resin made by ancient trees. Amber has the unique capacity to preserve fragile life that is millions of years old, opening a special window into the past.  This is a tiny insect that got trapped in the resin as it flowed 40 million years ago.  This light honey Amber Pendant contains such tiny preserved life, visible to the naked eye.  This would make a truly unique gift or treasure piece for yourself!  Hung simply on a Sterling Silver bail.  Sterling Silver Chain included.  Well known from the film Jurassic Park!



What size Amber Beads to use?

Amber for Children - Size Guide

It is important to get a good fit so the item does not come off.  Please measure

Necklace Length

Please check the product description to see the lenght.  Our Baltic Amber Children's Necklaces are generally one size: 32cm or a little over 12 inches.   Please get in touch if you are not sure what to order. We are happy to discuss what is best for you and answer any questions you may have. 

If you cannot find what you need, please contact us directly. 

Bracelet/Anklet Length

Baltic Amber Children's Bracelets/Anklet vary in length from 12cm to 16 cm.   Before you purchase, we advise you to measure the  wrist or ankle and then check our  product details.  You need to allow a little extra length, about 1cm to 1.5cm, to allow for the beads.  If you need a longer length to that specified in the product description, please order an Adult Anklet,  12cm length is really tiny and is intended for the smallest and slightest of wearers. 15cm is an average size.  Buy Now.

How to check if length is suitable - Please measure wearer

To see what these lengths will look and fit like on the wearer, simply use a tape or measure a length of material (e.g. a necklace of your own, piece of ribbon or wool) and measure against the wearer.  Click on this link to a handy printable ruler on pdf from Vendian (please remember to disable Shrink to Fit on your printer settings and set Scale to 100%).  You need to allow a little more than a flat measurement, about 1cm to 1.5cm, to allow for the beads.

If you need any help to decide what length is best, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Contact us or phone 094-9257115

Bead Size

Bean shape beads measure ~5mm - 10 mm in diameter. Round shape beads measure ~5 mm in diameter.  Sizes approximate and each item and bead is unique and different. 

Please contact us if you need an item of a specific length or if you do not see what you need available online.  We have much more stock available and can also make items to order. 


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