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Claddagh Ring

Claddagh Ring

A unique Claddagh Ring featuring a honey colour amber gemstone heart.  Symbol of love all over the world.  

  • Selection of sizes available

  • Also available with Green amber gem 

  • Sterling Silver Band

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Claddagh Ring

An Irish Claddagh ring is known worldwide as a symbol of love.  Originating in the Claddagh area of Galway city, it has spread throughout the world.  This silver ring is hand made to our own design,and set with a sparkling Baltic amber gem in a honey colour.  The gem is hand shaped to a heart, the symbol of love, framed by a crown for loyalty and hands as a symbol of friendship.  The amber gem brings protection and luck. No more symbolic ring to signify your engagement.  
When Irish eyes are smiling !!!

The quality Sterling ring band with an inset Cognac amber gem.  A timeless ring.  The band is solid and comfortable.  A tidy ring that any lady or gent would love.  A unique gemstone ring different from any other Claddagh ring, posted worldwide from the west of Ireland.  

Weight 3.25gr approx
The Honey color amber gem measures 8mm X 9mm approx
Available in many different sizes. 

Ring Size Chart

How to measure your finger to establish your ring size.  See chart below.  

Take a string or strip of paper 2mm wide and 100mm long.

  • Wrap it around the base of your finger making sure it fits snug, but isn’t too tight.
  • Mark the string/paper where it overlaps to form a circle.
  • Measure the length and compare it to the chart below (using this measurement as your circumference).

When taking your finger measurement, make sure you do it a few times over a period of a day or so in order to gauge an accurate size. Your fingers react to warm and cold environments. If you are between sizes, order the larger size.  Numbers in white inside the circles are US measurements.  

Image result for ring size chart






0.58 14.88 H 4.25 46.5
0.59 15.10 I 4.5 47
0.60 15.49 J 5 48.5
0.62 15.90 K 5.5 50
0.64 16.31 L 6 51
0.65 16.71 M 6.5 52
0.67 17.12 N 6.75 53.5
0.69 17.53 O 7 55
0.70 17.93 P 7.5 56
0.72 18.34 Q 8 57
0.73 18.75 R 8.5 58.5
0.75 19.15 S 9 59.5
0.77 19.56 T 9.5 61


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