Natural Amber Amulet

Natural Amber Amulet

Our Amulets Online are always popular.  A unique piece of nature in a pendant.   

  • Size:  3cm x 2 x 1cm

  • Cord:  Brown leather

  • Length:  Adjustable from 30cm to 60cm


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Natural Amber Amulet

Amber Amulets have been worn since Roman Times.  Each piece is unique, a timeless treasure.  This is a natural shaped Amber Amulet as it came from nature, simply polished. Warm honey colour with sun spangles and reflections within.

As an amulet, the gem gets to show itself off.  Warm and comforting to hold while wearing.  This would make a beautiful gift for a breast feeding mother as baby could play safely with the amulet whilst feeding.  Amber makes very tactile, drawing you to feel it.  Show off your natural credentials and make your own unique style with this gem. 

Amber SOS Promises

We strive always to provide our customers with great products at a great price with the best service we can.  We make the following 3 promises to our customers: 

Our Quality Promise

We stock only Genuine Baltic Amber.  We deal only with reputable, well established suppliers based in the Baltic region of Europe. We have built up relationships over many years with our Baltic partners, Amber artisans with generations of experience in working with this precious gem. We are proud of the quality of the products we provide and stand over them.

Our Price Promise

We hand pick our Amber Jewelry to ensure each individual piece is the best quality amber available at a fair price. In building relationships with our Baltic partners, we can seek value. We are committed to fair pricing that is sustainable for both our suppliers and us, and that delivers value to our customers.

Our Service Promise

We promise that each and every customer is treated with respect and gratitude. We are grateful for your patronage and endeavor to provide you with friendly, knowledgeable service. Every customer interaction will be carried out with courtesy and efficiency.


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