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I just wanted to thank you for the great customer service. I purchased a replacement necklace for my son and it arrived so promptly. My twins have been wearing their amber necklaces and have never ... Read More »

18th January 2017

No more headaches ... Read More »

Catherine C
5th Sept 2016

I come from a family, who, in our senior years, are all dealing with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other age related problems.  After my first purchase from you, I found the necklace and bracel... Read More »

February 12th 2018

I was totally skeptical but gave it a go, I suffered from crippling migraine and fibromyalgia, it was all I could do to get to the end of the day. After a few days the difference was unbelievable, ... Read More »

14th Nov 2017

I have broken many bones in my hands from a lifetime playing hurling.  I suffered with constant niggly pain and stiffness because of it.  I also have a plate and 4 pins in my leg and my k... Read More »

21st Sept 2017

I got this necklace on Sunday at Strandhill Markets. I was very sceptical as I have tried loads ... Read More »

22nd August 2017

I am newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia and am in constant pain with 6 months.I got my bracelet a week ago and I cannot believe the difference.  I still have pain but it is greatly reduced and ... Read More »

5th May 2017

I had suffered, and I mean suffered, with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands for many years. I had surgery on one hand, had steroid injections in both wrists and at the end of 2016 was awaiting f... Read More »

29th March 2017

I got my parcel yesterday evening. Thank you for such a quick and wonderful job, everything fits perfectly.  I am delighted with all of them. I wore them in bed last night and woke up feeling ... Read More »

9th February 2017

Just a little note to say thank you so much. My little boy was really feeling the pain and within 24 hrs of wearing his anklet you could see we was in much better spirits!!  We also got a neck... Read More »

10th February 2017

Just letting you know the necklace has arrived, gorgeous as always.  Thank you for your continued provision of an excellent product and even better customer service!

... Read More »

6th February 2017

Pain in my damaged hand does not wake me up anymore... Read More »

Jack, Sligo
13th December 2016

Stunning insomnia cure and outstanding customer service... Read More »

Rosie Lowe
13th December 2016

We all wear amber from Amber SOS.  My husband wears his every night.   He sleeps better and so do we!  No snoring when he has his necklace on :)

... Read More »

Sarah Fischer
28th October 2016

I can attest to amber working for me with both my carpal tunnel and sciatic pain. I literally never take it off but if for some odd reason (family pictures, most recently) do remove my jewelry, it ... Read More »

1st November 2016

I got my daughter an amber bracelet to see if it would help with her arthritis of the spine.  I am so happy to report that since wearing the bracelet, she has not... Read More »

27th May 2016

My back is so much better.... Read More »

2nd June 2016

I bought one of the dog collars and I am delighted with the results in just over a week!
I wasn't so bothered about the flea/tick prevention properties but was hoping h... Read More »

1st May 2015

Thank you so much for replacing the Amber beads for me. That was so kind of you, I didn't expect that at all as it was my error. I certainly will have no hesitation recommending Ambe... Read More »

15th Feb 2016

These Amber bracelets were exactly what I was looking for.  Thank you so much.  I've been wearing them ever since the day I got them. If you're looking for the highest quality of ... Read More »

Angela Rowe, Ohio, USA
28th January 2016

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you so much for introducing us to Amber for the 2 boys. We have not administered one drug to them since the Wednesday after we got them. Once again th... Read More »

Martin, Caroline, Adam and Aaron
30th April 2015

"My little boy has one and it's a lifesaver!  I'm buying 3 to give to friends.  I did an experiment last week where I left it off for 24 hours.... What a mistake!! I'... Read More »

10th May 2011
Orla A

"I’ve just ordered another necklace – this one for my childminder’s daughter as she was really impressed with the effects!  Fergus seems much more placid and content... Read More »

Mother to Fergus, 12th June 2011
Lisa A

"When I put it on in the early evening, I noticed a difference within half an hour.  He relaxed and calmed down completely.  We went on to have a beautiful undisturbed night slee... Read More »

7th September 2010
Jack M, Sligo

Thanks a million for your prompt service. Necklace arrived the next day. .

... Read More »

10th August 2013
Louise, Roscommon

"My granny is wearing the amber bracelet and it is definitely helping her wrists and her hands. My dad and now also my brother-in-law have the cylinder necklace and are both amazed by the ... Read More »

1st February 2012
Louise, Meath

I've used a necklace for my boy. Best thing ever.

... Read More »

Annette, Mayo
28th July 2014

Hi all, just wanted to thank you for your amber and all your advice and help throughout the last 4 years .  You have gone out of your way to help and answer questions and I really apprecia... Read More »

Eimear C, Co Offaly
16th July 2014

I "borrowed" my sons necklace one night when my wisdom teeth were growing and was in serious pain - almost instant relief! I cannot recommend them enough! ... Read More »

29th May 2014

He is much more relaxed since I put it on.  Much happier child and much happier mommy!

... Read More »

Josette, Limerick

My 11 year old daughter has suffered with eczema since she was 2 months old.  We have tried every cream and diet to no avail.  She has been wearing an amber necklace for 5 months now and ... Read More »

Rose, Mayo

I would be LOST without the Amber beads.  They work!  That is all.

... Read More »

30th March 2015

We lost our boy's anklet and were without sleep for 2 nights.  We got a replacement at midday.  He was in great form that evening and slept through that night.  We are all deligh... Read More »

Pauline, Mayo
4th May 2015

I purchased an Amber Bracelet for my brother who was diagnosed with arthritis of the spine.  After a week of wearing it he got a pain in his hand and was going to remove it but Helen advised t... Read More »

Helen B, Cork
21st Sept 2015

I bought an amber necklace around early July from Amber SOS. I am very happy with it. I will tell you two facts about myself. First, I USED to have headache at least twice a week which requires... Read More »

Aiman, Switzerland
12th October 2015

After order was delayed in transit to Australia:  Thank you so much to offer to send another item. That goes to show the level of customer service you are willing to take for your customer... Read More »

Phillip, Australia
18th June 2015

I cannot believe the difference Amber has made.  I have suffered migraines for as long as I can remember.  My husband brought a necklace for me to see if it would help and within week... Read More »

18th June 2015

My child was hospitalized twice with ear infections.  But since wearing an amber necklace, we have had no recurrence at all.  Thank you very much. 

... Read More »

Connie K
13th May 2015

I got a bracelet for my mother-in-law who suffers from tennis elbow.  Injections gave her no relief.  Since she started wearing amber, she has had no bother from it at all! 

... Read More »

Michelle, Waterford
7th May 20145

I have muscle and tendon damage in my hand and doctors tell me it will take 2-3 years to repair.  It causes shooting pain in my hand and arm.  After 6 weeks wearing an amber bracelet,... Read More »

Fergus, Mayo
14th March 2014

I have a bracelet on my right wrist all the time and have no pain in that hand so I want another for the left hand.  The amber has definitely made a difference to the discomfort I was feel... Read More »

Sheila L, Dublin

The Amber beads were delivered today. It's an amazingly prompt service, we're very pleased. Your company was recommended to me to purchase Amber beads and I will definitely be passing t... Read More »

Karen, Dublin

I had bad arthritis in my neck and head. My daughter bought me an amber necklace and I have had no pain since. That is over three years ago. Definitely recommend it.... Read More »

Patricia K

Just to say thank you so much for exchanging the amber necklace without any hassle, even though it was totally my mistake. I've recommended you to friends. Many thanks again.... Read More »

Marie M, Wexford
11th July 2014

Great Product, Great Service

... Read More »

Emma, Kildare
28th July 2014

I bought a necklace for my daughter and we found it fantastic.  My mum finds her bracelet great for her arthritis in her hand and takes it off only to shower.

... Read More »

Denise, Cork
May 7th 2014

Many thanks for sending the amber necklace and bracelet.  I am so pleased.  They are just beautiful.

... Read More »

Mary O'M, Kerry
10th April 2014

I have been wearing an anklet for a hip problem and have found it enormously successful.  It has reduced the pain immensely and made my problem manageable. 

... Read More »

10th March 2014
Jude, Dublin

I received that anklet this morning. Thanks for such a good service and great product! I will definitely recommend to others.

... Read More »

4th April 2014
Cathy, Dublin

"Just wanted to thank you for the extremely prompt service"

... Read More »

2nd August 2013
Pamela C, Dublin

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