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I bought an amber bracelet from Ben at Amber SOS over twelve months ago. A stunning piece of jewellery & even more importantly, a stunning insomnia cure from my experience. Amber for me is far more precious than diamonds & has an ancient energy all of its own. At least 40 million years old, my amber makes me feel young! In a world that is a fast forward takeaway virtual reality place, Amber SOS adheres to a bygone ethos of professionalism & customer service. My bracelet broke when I got it caught on a handle. Upon my visit to the Amber SOS stall at the Castlebar Family Market, my bracelet was whisked away, repaired & posted swiftly back to me with no charge. Amber is number one for me. Amber SOS is number one for everyone! Rosie Lowe December 2016.

Rosie Lowe
13th December 2016
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